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Dear CalorieBase User!

In this menu you have the option to buy Premium Membership.

The main goal of the CalorieBase team is that our site can continue to function in free form and full funcionality in the future. Unfortunately, maintenance and development costs are not covered by advertising revenue. That's why we came up with the idea of donate-based Premium Membership.

Our principle is that we don't disable or limit any feature in the free version, so we will keep the full version available for free.

We don't want to convince you to buy a Premium Membership. We would like you to do this to support our site, and to consider the additional Premium functions as the sign of our gratitude.

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12 months: 1,5 USD/month
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18 USD Total

6 months: 2 USD/month
12 USD Total

1 month: 6 USD
1 hónap:
800 Ft + ÁFA
bruttó 1016 Ft
1 hónap:
400 Ft + ÁFA
bruttó 508 Ft
1 hónap:
260 Ft + ÁFA
bruttó 330 Ft
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With the Premium version of the Daily Limit
bar you can display more detailed information at once. You can break up the standard bar by food, meal times and nutrition. For a better overview, any changes to the track are animated:

Extra Wide Daily Limit: This feature is available in Tools / Settings, so the daily frame bar will appear in full page width and in a much higher format. We recommend that you turn off the main apple image, which is also in the Settings menu.

Favorite quick-buttons: when you make a meal a favorite, you can associate a hot-key in the pop-up window with which you can select that meal under the search bar. So you can bring your most common foods at the touch of a button. You can set up ten keys, delete them at any time, and replace them with another one.

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