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Zsóka: 21 kg weight loss in 12 months

My story started 1 year ago. I've always envied people who are thin and take what they want, because all the replica watches are on them. Unfortunately, not because I was fat, I was fat.

I decided to lose weight, but it did not go as easily as I thought. I started countless dieting, all of them ended up giving up because all of them were self-torture. What I put in painfully came back twice.

Then, once in a while, I heard from my boyfriend of blasphemy that he was giving up his head and using CalorieBase as "aids". I could not wait to get home and I was looking for it on the net. I registered even that evening, set the goal (with some help, through my pals).

I got a lot of support from my partner because he bought me a one-year-old swimming pool hire so I can get my exercise on a regular basis. I went to the swimming pool three times a week, but I was paying close attention to my diet.

In the first replica watches I completely cut off bread from my meals, instead of eating abridged bread and biscuits, after 6 o'clock I did not eat fruit, vegetables or a cup of coffee. I drank a lot, and I took care of vitamin supplements. After a while I became so accustomed to this type of lifestyle (calorie counting) that I had automatically placed all the food I consumed on the balance.

I have already reached the 57 kg I considered ideal, but I have not left the page because it helps me to keep weight.

I lost 21 kg in one year using CalorieBase!

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