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Rita: 41 kg weight loss in 8 months

I'm Rita, 32 years old 174 cm tall. In August 2016, the balance showed 105.8 kg. I did not feel well, I found that I can not look at this at 32 and I decided to lose weight.
The first picks started pretty well down. I did not eat a daily limit, I did not know how to play because of my size, so by the end of September I managed to lose 10 kg by controlling kcal intake and by the end of the second month I was already 17 kg. He was very motivated that I could buy boots, prettier, smaller clothes ... well, and of course I got a lot of praise.

At the beginning of December I lost to 80 kg, then the time of movement came. I went to TRX two times a week, so my muscle mass started to grow nicely. Every morning I stood on balance, with the reverse ratio of muscle% and body fat%. Of course, I was also paying attention to meals: 1200kcal, with lots of protein.
There were days when I was a bit cheated and crossed the carbohydrate, grease, kcal frame, but I corrected the following days :) Nameg is sometimes hard to withstand the delicacies I cook / cook :(
Since December, weight loss slowed down - not because of Christmas :) - My muscles grew and I have not had enough of it to go. Since then, I spend about 4 kg a month. At the moment (April 24, 2017) I am 64,8 kg, so far I have been able to deliver 41 kg and I would like to have 4,8 for the 60 kg dream weight. I've been waiting for the summer and the bikini for the first time. :)

I'm a bit confused and I enjoy wearing pretty clothes in my room instead of 48. :) :) :) I became a lot more confident. It is astonishing to think that my 113 cm waist height has now dropped to 76 cm and 50 cm from my 65 cm thigh.

Since I lost my whole life, I grew fatigued, I decided to take care of myself now, and after the goal I will feed with Although it is all over the head and will be a question, it's a bit like my conscience :) If I eat a lot, I'll face the numbers: D: D: D
Thank you very much CalorieBase for helping me!

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