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Péter: 25 kg weight loss in 6 months

My story started 8 years ago when I stopped sporting. Until then I was very active. I grew stupid at speed and became all kinds of gossips. I also had to put on my shoes with great difficulties and drowning.

Then in November last year - thanks to God - I was diagnosed with a severe, but still reversible disease, which was a prerequisite for healing for a relatively fast weight loss.

Returning to the doctor - determination and motivation already existed - I searched the method on the net when I was there. That's how CalorieBase became the number one help of mine. Set the goal, consistently adhere to my Daily Limit and as much as I could add to it with sport. So I became active again.

My goal was achieved, I became healthy, so that I was cured of all my illnesses, preparing for the Marathon, and the upcoming Balaton crossing.

I have not stopped counting since then, but the goal is to keep my own current weight, which gives me a very comfortable little frame (even after 1 hour of running or 2 hours of swimming). :)

I can only recommend to everyone and recommend the help of CalorieBase.

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