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Laura9: 17 kg weight loss in 10 monhts

I've been an overweight girl all my life, which always caused a problem, but I've never been able to force myself to lose weight properly. I decided in the summer of 2012, after my baby's birth, at the age of 29, that it is time to seriously lose weight. I was 86 kg. 8 months hard, but went down 3 pounds. I almost quit (again) when I found the page, which changed my life! :) In fact, I turned upside down, but my diet was essentially organized, qualitatively and quantitatively. I started to move on a regular basis and it was incredible that I was able to keep track of all the weight loss on my website as an online "weight loss journal"! It was not easy, especially at the beginning, to observe everything (strictly keep the daily allowable limits, maintain the normal protein-carbohydrate-fat ratio, not to neglect the movement), but I learned a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle, literally on my own "skin ". And the site was like a personal trainer! I got caught in my head. He did not leave me alone, he was always tickling in my head 24 hours a day and motivated !!! He drove me forward with great power as I saw the results from day to day. Of course, I also had bouts, there were very difficult days and times, but the Base never let me give up. I've lost 17 kilograms of calories over 10 months, and I'm a new person today! Not only did I lose weight, but I gained the knowledge and experience that will endure my life! Thank you CalorieBase!
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