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Csabi: 38 kg weight loss in 9 monhts

Hi! In the first place, it is worth knowing that I have a zero willpower like many others, I think, it can be familiar. I have tried many ways, but I have not managed to achieve lasting results. On January 1, 2014, I promised to lose weight, even without specific goals. I started to "not eat", but that did not come naturally. I just heard about calories until I knew what I did not even care about. Then somewhere I read that calories have practically "quantified" the coffee. Then, one or one and a half hours of learning a day, not only calories, but the physiological effect of the various dishes, the importance of sport, and almost unnoticed, came out with a perfect diet, a lifestyle that was additive-free and nothing in it. Thanks to you! The fact that a website with such a database for your energy is added to yours is just the simplest thing if you have someone over the days and tell you when, how much you can eat. I would just like to note that my dieting was not free of "criminal" weekends, but I was able to keep it all right. Obviously, if they were not, I would not be here, but I also learned patience. :) Even the picture on the picture is not final, but the change is so spectacular now that I feel compelled to share. In my studies, I've studied the theory of muscle mass gain, I'm about to start a weight gain diet sooner, I will work harder and calculate my calories on this website. It soon became clear to me that it was not only perfect for weight loss but also for growth.
Thank you for helping me to take my 180 degree turn!

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