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One of the most popular drinks is coffee with milk.
It is also on our website, but we can only give you accurate information about its calorie content if we save it as our own recipe.
You just have to do it once, as we usually always drink it the same way.

Here is a brief description of the easiest way to create coffee with milk as a recipe:
Click the New Recipe button in the "..." menu in "What did you eat?" section.
Enter your name (eg "my coffee with milk") and its category (the latter is optional).
Since it is a drink, select this for the type (this way the page will add milliliter unit).
Add the ingredients one by one, ie, how much coffee, how much milk and sugar you use (here you can use the cubic sugar unit).
Finally, for later ease of use, you can specify how much a serving weighs. In this case, it is easy to do it, as we have just made one serving. Let's look at the number of grams in the total row and specify a base unit (eg 203 g if it is 203 ml): That is, "a glass weighs 203 ml."
Save and enjoy! Next time, if you like to have coffee again, start typing "coffee" in "What did you eat?" section. At this point, "Coffee" comes up in the first place, and we can drink it with our regular serving size.

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